What is Gabby World?

Gabby World is a fully AI-generated autonomous world, where users can raise AI characters, create scenarios/challenges, and explore to collect experiences – all through turning ideas into prompts.

What's special about Gabby World?

It is self-operating. The ‘world engine’ has been fully delegated to large language models (LLMs), with all ‘world logics’ created in the form of prompts in natural language, running fully on-chain. As long as blockchain and LLMs continue to exist, the world and your AI characters will live on forever.

It is self-governing. The world governs itself through LLM as its 'brain' and on-chain prompts as 'neural system' to regulate the decision-making and rules of how the world progresses. For rule changes that require human intervention, we seek consensus and enforce them through Gabby DAO.

It is self-emerging. The world evolves intrinsically through the ever-learning and -growing LLM which runs the core logics, and extrinsically through users’ codeless (natural language prompts) and permissionless (on-chain) participation. Every interaction of yours counts towards the spontaneous emergence of new features and properties.

What's the background of the team behind Gabby World?

Co-Founder & CEO, Dr_Daoist, is a serial entrepreneur, having previously co-founded projects in game-fi, internet of things and software service. He started his early career as a tech investment banker at Wall Street banks.

Co-Founder & CTO, Lifeguard0x29, has 9 years of experience in deep learning across natural language processing and computer vision. He’s previously worked at Tesla, Rakuten and Google.

Co-Founder & COO, Super_Goji, has extensive experience in Web3, with domains across business development, community, investment and fundraising. He’s previously held roles in Litentry, MINA and IOSG.

Additionally, Gabby World is proudly backed by CyberConnect, SevenX Ventures, Everest Ventures Group and UpHonest Capital.

What are the utilities of different NFTs?

Masterpiece NFT. This is Gabby World's VIP NFT collection only reserved for early supporters and significant contributors. It is the entry ticket to Gabby DAO, which collectively owns "Gabbytopia" – a DAO-voted name for an iconic island. There are 99 Land pieces on Gabbytopia, which will be the earliest explorable Lands in the world.

Land NFT. These are the NFTs reserved for future 'computing power' contributors to Gabby World. Our world runs on blockchain and relies on generative AI models, with only one ultimate constraint: computing power. Thus, thousands of Land pieces in the world are reserved for those who are able to act as 'nodes' to our decentrally-hosted AI models. More details to be revealed later.

Gabby NFT. Gabbies are entry-level NFTs that will grant you access to Gabby World and act as your avatars. They are available to everyone and free to mint.

Is it for real that all the NFT sales proceeds will go into DAO Treasury?

For real.

There is inherent contradiction between fully decentralized nature of an autonomous world and project team's centralized efforts – be it product development or NFT issuance. Gabby World aims to be a pioneer in reconciling the differences.

The first rule we adopt is transparent use of NFT sales proceeds. All sales proceeds from NFT sales (particularly concerning Masterpiece NFTs and Land NFTs) will be deposited into a multi-sig wallet governed by Gabby DAO, making sure that the project team would not be able to dispose of the funds unilaterally. Then proposals will be passed by the DAO to determine the use of proceeds, holding expenditure accountable.

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